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Article for BMW client magazine

I love to tell stories. Let me tell yours.


ABC Radio – click to open articles

Rob Hirst – On Working Solo

Brad Keeling – Throat Cancer & HPV

James Reyne – Anthology

Being Muslim and Female in Newcastle

Warren Smith – Life Saver

Joe Camilleri – Not Afraid to Fly

Jerome Rugaruza – from The Congo to Newcastle

Breaking the Poverty Cycle

Sunny Amoreena – Check For Wolves

Kylie Kwong – Eating Insects

Don Walker – Words & Chisel

General Birdwood’s Flag

Megan Washington – Choosing Hope

Eat Fat – Bringing Back Flavour

Eddi Reader – on Scottish Independence

Bands of Gold – The Warriors Chapel

Iva Davies – Icehouse

HPV Vaccine Safe & Effective (2014)

Aboriginal Burial Ground

Moya Talty – On-air since 1942

Hugh Laurie – Bluesman

Blowing Up BHP – The War Threat

The Star Hotel – Riotous Life

The Hellhole – Newcastle Shipwrecks

John Schumann – On Writing an Icon

Smugglers of Light – Requiem for a Son

The Rocket Brigades

Why Give the HPV Vaccine to Boys

From Television to Beethoven

Bikers Against Child Abuse

Ben Gillies – Silverchair

Russell Morris – The Real Thing

The Pub with the Circus Staff

Malcolm Turnbull 2013

Da Vinci – The Robot Surgical Alternative

Five Beaches, 29 Breaks – Surfing Newcastle

Fine Foraging – Tim Montgomery

Newcastle’s Victoria Theatre

Fish Belly – Australia’s Oldest Railway Relic

The Obelisk

Central Methodist Mission (Bacchus Restaurant) 

Leading Light Tower



GO Magazine – Kloster BMW – click article to view PDF

GO–Magazine_MeetThe Klosters






Sunny Days Magazine (now Newcastle’s Child)

Sunny Days February 2011 p6 copy

Sunny Days March 2011 p6 copy

Sunny Days April 2011 p6 copy

One thought on “Articles & Interviews

  1. The world is a fast paced and slick place to trying to live. As a marketer cutting through the noise to get noticed by the right people in the right way is the biggest challenge.

    Carol Duncan has a style of writing that is captivating and compelling. You can not help but be drawn in by the world she creates with her words. There is a certain connectedness that can only be achieved when someone truly writes what they feel. Carol has the ability to make her words leap of the page, grab your attention and keep it.

    An amazing person to work with who makes you instantly feel like you have known her for years. If you have something you can use Carol on and you don’t, it is your profound loss.

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