Carol Duncan


My radio career spanned over 25 years across Australia in both commercial radio and, from 2001 – 2015, presenting a daily program with ABC Local Radio.

Elected to Newcastle City Council in 2017, I’m a cheerleader for my city and the wider Hunter region and enormously proud to work in this role with my community as Newcastle undergoes once-in-a-lifetime revitalisation and development.

A member of the 2007 Walkley Award-winning ABC Newcastle team, I was also the inaugural winner of the NSW Cancer Council award for Excellence in Reporting, and awarded the 2007 NSW Premier’s Public Sector Awards medal.

I’m a highly experienced writer, interviewer, speaker, consultant, and multimedia content creator in areas including news, health, education, science, politics and music.

I have a keen interest in health, education and social issues, and I’m continuously inspired by the opportunities afforded us to by advances in technology – particularly in communications, content, and marketing areas. I still enjoy working as a freelance corporate writer, copywriter and content creator, podcast producer, public speaker, narrator and Master of Ceremonies, although the majority of my work is in the area of breast cancer clinical trials.

I am the founder of the Lost Newcastle community local history group which now reaches nearly 40,000 members.

Since leaving the ABC, I’ve been contracted to provide services to organisations such as the University of Newcastle, AP Eagers, nib Group, Breast Cancer Trials, Hunter Institute of Mental Health, Mindframe Media Initiative, DFK Crosbie, Wests, Renew Newcastle, Telstra Foundation, One Small Planet, Focus Creative – Sydney, Newcastle City Council, Opal Aged Care, Lake Macquarie City Council, and international organisations including Greenpeace, DeLonghi and Kenwood.

I am available for commission subject to availability but always happy to discuss.



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