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Dan Lepard’s 2004 book,  The Handmade Loaf, gained a cult following amongst bakers and remains the ‘go to’ guide for anyone seriously interesting in baking.

In Sydney for the SMH Good Food Month, Melbourne-born Dan regularly visits family in Australia and was a judge on Channel 9’s ‘Great Australian Bake-Off’.

Dan’s career has been extraordinary and I recommend you explore his own website and his Wikipedia listing (which contains numerous factoids I suspect Dan Lepard is far too lovely to blow his own trumpet about).

I spoke with Dan as he was preparing an exclusive dinner at Sydney’s two-hat Ester restaurant in Chippendale featuring ‘… forgotten grains and rare spices with the very best of Australia’s new season farm produce, cooked in a wood-fired oven’.

As one of the many people around the world who live by The Handmade Loaf, it was great to finally meet and chat with Dan about how the boy from suburban Melbourne left home to embark on an incredible journey.