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Carol Duncan - Australian broadcaster and journalist follows her friend's throat cancer journey.

Carol Duncan: I was there for six hours of surgery.
I will tell his story.

And when I awoke,

I was alone

this bird had flown.


My much-loved friend has throat cancer. No, he is not a smoker.

I was by his side for six hours of complex surgery.


Most meaningful and wonderful thing I have ever done.

It was a privilege to be there.

It is a privilege to be his friend.

As my son said, “It’s just what you do for your friends, Mummy.”


It is.

Brad’s story is one that he, his family and I hope will help others in the future.

Smoking and alcohol are no longer the leading cause of throat cancer in Australia.

Indeed there is now a vaccine for what IS the leading cause of throat cancer.

I have watched Brad’s surgery, and now I am watching his recovery and ongoing treatment.

Throat cancer is not something you want to have to deal with.

Believe me.