Aaron Kearney – ABC Broadcaster & Journalist

Many media professionals are professional, a select few become popular, only the really special forge truly personal connections. Over a long and respected career, Carol Duncan has somehow managed to do all three.

Some can speak in a studio, some can deliver a script, others can work a live crowd. Carol does all three. Remarkably, she can also write.

Equally at home in a raw conversation with the mother of a young cancer sufferer, sharing a bawdy laugh with a bunch of business blokes, or penning a contemporary feminist diatribe; she is a unparalleled communicator.

I have worked with Carol alongside a giant cartoon bird at a pro basketball game and I have worked with her preparing incisive questions for Federal Ministers.

A stalwart of traditional media and a pioneer and innovator in the social space, she is a person of rare range and depth.

She is a solution to problems you didn’t even know you had and the communications cut-through you didn’t know you needed.

Hire her before someone else does and it costs you much more. As you can see, I don’t recommend people very often, but I mean it when I do.

Yvette Vignango – Director of Development at Abbotsleigh

Carol is a superlative communicator and insightful thinker. Her popularity as broadcaster is well known but perhaps less well known is her capacity to write in a moving and meaningful way. Carol has written contributions to the happychild website that are loved and commented on by visitors and by our common online social network. When I think of Carol’s key qualities the words that come to mind are compassion, passion, energy, knowledge and intellectual depth.

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Christina Gerakiteys – CEO, Creative Director Ideation At Work

Carol Duncan is both articulate and knowledgable . She has a thorough understanding of any topic she is discussing, demonstrating her commitment to her audience, her research and indeed her craft. Carol is a great communicator. Her presentation skills are professional and she can at once be both serious and entertaining. It has been a pleasure to have worked with Carol during her time at 1233 ABC.

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Nick Ross – CEO | Founder at Nanotransactions

Carol is one of the best journalists in Australia with a rare flair for broadcast popularity mixed with the ability to ask tough questions while getting to the bottom of issues.

She’s ideal for public speaking, moderating, MC’ing and also a great writer.

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Maree Gleeson – Non-executive Director

Carol has and continues to be an outstanding advocate of medical research in the Hunter. She promoted the researchers and their positive impacts on the health and wellbeing of the community and their impact globally. Carol was very generous of her time to support research functions as master of ceremonies and had a good grasp of their research. She was a well-known identity on ABC radio and passionate in promoting Newcastle and the Hunter issues. A great presenter to work with. Well informed on all programs I participated in on air.

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Paul Willis – Director, Royal Institute of Australia

I’ve worked with Carol live-to-air every second week for several years now and found her to be a most excellent public broadcaster. She is specifically engage with her audience and exudes care and trust on air. I would recommend her for any number of jobs, particularly where a community focus is important. She is intelligent, articulate and, above all, damn good fun!

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Justine Ulph – Founding Director at Victory Gardens

Intelligent, articulate, interested and interesting. Carol Duncan has been delivering quality content to Novocastrians, for maybe 15 years, give or take. She was part of our everyday lives at ABC Radio as the presenter of the Afternoon program. During my time in Development and Communications roles at HMRI, Carol understood and simplified brilliantly complex health and medical research topics for listeners. Carol made herself available to MC at numerous public events to support local health and medical researchers. She championed their research and gave many a voice. Her dedication and support has lifted the communities understanding of important research in our region which has translated to greater community gifting and corporate support.

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Marcus Westbury – Founder and Director at Renew Australia, founder Renew Newcastle

Carol is a great communicator, interviewer and leader in the local community. I have gotten to know Carol in her role as an ABC broadcaster in Newcastle and much more broadly as someone who has inspired and connected many people in Newcastle. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any role in broadcasting, communications or community building.

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Rod McGuinness – Social Media Producer, ABC

I have worked for a number of years with Carol. She is incredibly talented, motivated, encouraging and quick witted. As a broadcaster, she has a fantastic ability to connect immediately with her audience, whether that be talkback, a forum or engaging on social media.

Carol can shift easily from serious news, such as emergency broadcasting updates or breaking news to entertaining, engaging segments or interviews which are humorous, rewarding and enriching. Her ability as a great communicator has placed her as ideal in her current work, whether it is writing, speaking or facilitating.

Her experience and intellect would be an enormous asset for anyone engaging her services for their business.

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Sarah Cameron – Heritage Strategist

Carol is a wonderful communicator. Her insight and abilities as a broadcaster at the ABC have helped shape a new positive narrative around heritage and history in the Hunter region. Her enthusiasm and warm style is infectious and I would recommend her for any role in communication, marketing and public broadcasting.

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Brad Webb – Hunter Medical Research Institute

In my experience, Carol Duncan is a communicator and a connector.

As a connector, her breadth of interests and diverse network of contacts allow her to see opportunities and make introductions. In doing so she has seeded relationships that have benefited both parties. I have had direct experience with Carol’s skill as a connector. She served on the HMRI Foundation and used this platform to connect people who could assist HMRI in its goal to improve the health of communities.

As a communicator, her broadcasting background is well known. However, she also has expressive writing skills and a strength in disseminating this across digital platforms. Carol is an outstanding MC, who brings warmth, humour and personality to her audience, no matter what the occasion.

Finally, Carol is a person who is aiming to make this world a better place. In connecting and communicating, her driving motivation is arguably one of making a contribution. It is inspiring and extremely motivating to have the opportunity to work with her.

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Gavin Youngman – Focus Creative

The world is a fast paced and slick place to trying to live. As a marketer cutting through the noise to get noticed by the right people in the right way is the biggest challenge.

Carol Duncan has a style of writing that is captivating and compelling. You can not help but be drawn in by the world she creates with her words. There is a certain connectedness that can only be achieved when someone truly writes what they feel. Carol has the ability to make her words leap of the page, grab your attention and keep it.

An amazing person to work with who makes you instantly feel like you have known her for years. If you have something you can use Carol on and you don’t, it is your profound loss.

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