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In my experience, Carol Duncan is a communicator and a connector.

As a connector, her breadth of interests and diverse network of contacts allow her to see opportunities and make introductions. In doing so she has seeded relationships that have benefited both parties. I have had direct experience with Carol’s skill as a connector. She served on the HMRI Foundation and used this platform to connect people who could assist HMRI in its goal to improve the health of communities.

As a communicator, her broadcasting background is well known. However, she also has expressive writing skills and a strength in disseminating this across digital platforms. Carol is an outstanding MC, who brings warmth, humour and personality to her audience, no matter what the occasion.

Finally, Carol is a person who is aiming to make this world a better place. In connecting and communicating, her driving motivation is arguably one of making a contribution. It is inspiring and extremely motivating to have the opportunity to work with her.