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Many media professionals are professional, a select few become popular, only the really special forge truly personal connections. Over a long and respected career, Carol Duncan has somehow managed to do all three.

Some can speak in a studio, some can deliver a script, others can work a live crowd. Carol does all three. Remarkably, she can also write.

Equally at home in a raw conversation with the mother of a young cancer sufferer, sharing a bawdy laugh with a bunch of business blokes, or penning a contemporary feminist diatribe; she is a unparalleled communicator.

I have worked with Carol alongside a giant cartoon bird at a pro basketball game and I have worked with her preparing incisive questions for Federal Ministers.

A stalwart of traditional media and a pioneer and innovator in the social space, she is a person of rare range and depth.

She is a solution to problems you didn’t even know you had and the communications cut-through you didn’t know you needed.

Hire her before someone else does and it costs you much more. As you can see, I don’t recommend people very often, but I mean it when I do.