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My uncle brought them home from Borneo during WWII – we think. He spent time in New Guinea, Malaya and North Borneo with Water Transport providing supplies.

I understand it is an older script and have had some attempts at having it translated previously as, ideally, if any of the family of the soldier it belonged to survives and can be located, I would like to return it.

Yes, I have thought about how it may have come to be in my uncle’s possession.

I really don’t need to think about that too much.




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And through the power of social media, I have a translation.

POSTMARK 18.10.28=28/10/1943


南海派遣 猛一九九六部隊 東石班

北 正穀 (きた まさたけ) 大兄 TO (DEAR) MASATAKE KITA






北君 元気か 相変わらずらしいけれど 給には 便りの 一本位 くれてもよいではないか。 貴様の班も清水を 忘れてしまったか。 良く君ともやったけな 良い想い出さ

Dear Kita, How are you? It seems you are going ok but why haven’t you written to me even once? Have you and your team forgotten me?  We had such fun, great memories.

君等も重大任務を背負って居る身 くれぐれも大切に そしてホソクする時を 練磨されます様に

You (plural) have important missions, do look after yourselves.  And may you train well.

ハマノ兄チャンも 其の後 どうだね  たんかをきる様なわけには行かないだらう。

How is ‘Brother’ Hamano? He has to behave himself (verbally), doesn’t he?

戦友殆全部 元気さ 小沢が入院して 居るだけだ  まあ 安心したまえ

Our comrades are almost all doing fine. Just that Ozawa is in a hospital. But don’t worry.

では からだを大切に 元気な 北君であってくれ

Well then, please take care of yourself. Stay well.

お互に 陛下の為 しっかり やりませう

Let’s do our best for the Emperor.

では 又 後 便りにて  草々

I’ll write again later.

石川県珠洲郡木朗村不動寺 新谷太一 導長

(Address and a name scribbled)