Why audio?

Of our five human senses, our sense of sound is one of the first to develop. While we cannot see very well as newborns, our sense of hearing is fully developed.

Indeed, one of the first things we ever hear is the sound of our mother’s heartbeat. And then probably whatever she loved listening to on the radio!

I have worked with voices and sound for a lifetime. I am passionate about the power of sound and of our own ability to tell incredible stories in our own voices.

I am often told, “I can’t stand how I sound!” – but how you sound to yourself and how you sound to others are very different things.

I can give you a very long, boring explanation (although I find it fascinating …) about how, when you speak, what you hear is the sound of your own voice reverberating around inside about 2kg of heavy skull bone … throw in a little electronic and digital processing and the result is that you simply do not sound the way you think you do! We can save that story for later …

I can help you with a little voice guidance or coaching if you feel it would help you feel more comfortable but it’s my job to help you tell your story clearly, compellingly, and with authenticity.

I’ve interviewed rock stars, politicians, CEOs and thought leaders. I’ve interviewed people experiencing their life’s lowest crises and highest joys. I pride myself on being able to make anyone feel comfortable to talk with me. (Sometimes even when they don’t want to …)

Content marketing is powerful, and how you talk to your customers is critical. You give great consideration to how you appear online – your website, your social media accounts and so on – but in an era where audio is increasingly important (Hello, Alexa! Hey Siri – are you listening?) – how you SOUND is just as crucial.

Each of the channels you or your marketing team may use is different in the type of audience it reaches, the kind of content you can publish, and the level of investment you need to make in order to produce high quality content.

But of all these channels, podcasts possess one unique and powerful feature that none of the other channels has – the ability to communicate to your audience while they’re doing other things. Multi-tasking!

Think about it: What do blog articles, social media posts, and videos have in common? They are all visual media that require the reader or viewer to focus her attention on text or images. And while you might think you can do other tasks while scanning your Instagram feed, scrolling through Facebook, reading a LinkedIn blog post, or watching a viral YouTube video, there really is no match for what you can do while listening to your favourite podcast.

Working out at the gym? Check.

Driving to work? Check.

Cooking dinner? Check.

Doing the housework or mowing the lawn? Check.

Podcasts make it easy for listeners to learn about you, your company or your services, to absorb new ideas and learn new skills, and to do it while they’re doing other things.

But audio is also personal. That’s why we still love it so much – whether via traditional radio or online stations, or via on-demand podcast. Audio is another voice communicating directly with us. And frankly, humans like it.